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Quantum Quattro

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Quantum Quattro pendant!
This VERY rare stone holds such a unique beauty, I wanted to show it off as much as possible!

The Quantum Quattro is a very rare crystal that is made of 5 magical crystals. The five magical crystals are ancient and grow together in this powerhouse tool for bringing alignment to our Spiritual calling.

Crystal 1: Malachite:
The ancient crystal of beauty, healing, and transformation. Malachite is a crystal that assists with releasing trauma from one's lineage and welcoming in the healing flow of new energy. Malachite serves the Heart Chakra and also with cleansing the heart of blockages acquired from being hurt or from being taken advantage of in this physical life.

Crystal 2: Dioptase:
Dioptase is a gorgeous, deep blue/green crystal of the heart and throat chakra. Dioptase activates the heart chakra to draw in deep compassion and sincerity. Dioptase assists with building relationship in business, love, family, and friendships.
Dioptase serves the Heart Chakra deeply and creates a "whole feeling" after a broken heart has been felt.

Crystal 3: Chrysocolla:
The crystal of flowing throat chakra energy! Chrysocolla is a Chrystal of the heart and throat chakras that assists one with authentic expression and sharing authentic truths with the world. A crystal for writers, bloggers, communicators, teachers, and also those that communicate angelic messages. Chrysocolla serves the Heart and Throat Chakras by helping one speak authentically from the heart.

Crystal 4: Shattuckite:
A powerful Third Eye Chakra enhancing crystal! Shattuckite is a crystal that enhances wisdom and divine guidance as well as divine intervention. This amazing crystal helps one speak truth and feel empowered by one's message from their own failures in life. Shattuckite is a crystal that enhances intuition and communication.

Crystal 5: Smokey Quartz:
Smokey Quartz is the crystal of transmutation of negative energy to positive energy. A stabilizing and grounding crystal that assists one with overcoming grief and aligning to happiness again.
Smokey Quartz is a crystal for grounding in the root chakra and also connection in the crown chakra

How to clean your copper jewelry: 
Place your pendant or copper jewelry into some lemon juice for a few seconds (leave it a little longer the more tarnished it is.)
Rinse either clean water, and let dry completely. 
Wear and enjoy!
*Please note: Not all stones and crystals can get wet, and there are other ways to cleanse your crystals if they are not water soluable,  so please check before you place it in liquid to clean.*