Our Story

Growing up with sensitive skin was a challenge. I couldn't use different products on my skin like everyone else, and when I found something I liked, it either had too many chemicals and wasn't all natural, or it was all natural, and SUPER expensive! When I finally took a chance and started making my own body care products, I started noticing a lot of people around me had many of the same challenges with their skin as I did. I saw the need for these products and experienced how they changed me, so I was glad to be able to provide some answers and relief to others with these all natural products.

Along with self care comes body positivity and good health. So in November 2020, I launched my waist beads collection, and now I am able to not only provide amazing skin products, but I also create beautiful, customized, handmade, luxury waist beads and body jewelry for everyone!

u.me.she.her is a beauty and jewelry brand created to promote self-care, positive energy, and good vibes through all of our products, for every beautiful body!